It happens rarely, but sometimes an email will come across my computer that makes me sit up and take notice. In the most recent case it was Travelzoo‘s weekly email of the top deals in travel.  Could it be true?  A long weekend in Iceland, including tax, tour and some meals for, like, $600?  I needed to know more.  Within 30 minutes, the trip was booked.  And we added on Bjork tickets for the Iceland Airwaves music festival for a mere $80.  The O’Hurrens are heading to the land of the Vikings!

Are you aware that a direct flight from Toronto to Reykjavik is a mere 5 hours?  5 HOURS! Given my travel history, this is just a short jaunt indeed!

We arrive quite early Saturday morning (we’re talking 3 am), where we are completely free until Sunday.  Sunday we take a tour around the countryside visiting glaciers, hotsprings and a national park.  That evening we hit up the Bjork show (which is supposed to be CAH-RAY-ZEE awesome, even if you aren’t a huge fan of her music).  Just the venue looks completely awe-inspiring and opened this spring.

So, I’m super excited to see some traditional turf buildings (viking-style), as well as bathe in some hot springs – and of course, to see Bjork.  Fingers crossed we also get to spy some Northern Lights!