One of the most interesting activities Vegas has to offer is the ability to head to one of the many shooting ranges and try out some weapons.
Growing up, we were not allowed to have guns of any kind in the house, including the bright, plastic water guns. Truth be told, just the idea of real guns scare me.
But hey, it’s Vegas! …and dad and hubby really wanted to go.

My dad got the WWII package, and Mike got the Coalition Forces package, which contained the weapons used in Iraq today.
I shot the women’s package, which consisted of a handgun and a beretta.


In the next photo, I would like to point out that I have accurately hit Osama Bin Laden in the left eye- the same eye shot that actually killed him. Coincidence?! You’re welcome, America.


Okay, so Vegas wasn’t as creepy as I had imagined. Yes, it still is kind of awful in terms of the chain smoking, prostitution cards and gambler addictions, but if you can look past those things, its actually kind of great.
Yep. I said it. It was kind of great.

Its just a gluttonous kind of place. Lots of food, lots of booze, lots of gambling, smoking and partying. None of which I’m opposed to – in principal.

We were lucky to enjoy the most spectacular weather in Las Vegas. It was warm and extremely dry. Yes, I know it is a desert, but it’s a type of feeling that I’ve never experienced! I loved the landscaping of regular peoples homes – stones, cacti and neat rocks.

We had the opportunity to rent a car and travel out to the the desert. We drove out to a place called the Valley of Fire, which is a State Park known for spectacular rock formations in vivid red colours. It was not a disappointment. The colour is so shocking red, even my awesome iPhone camera couldn’t capture it accurately – you’ll just have to trust me on this one.