We flew to Bali on ValuAir. It was such a value that they didn’t even have printers! Our boarding passes were HAND WRITTEN. That has GOT to be some kind of security violation! Our luggage tags…also hand written. Our flight cost: all in for both of us, $666.00. That has got to be unlucky.

But we arrived n Bali safe and sound a couple of hours later. And so did our bags.

It was about an hour drive to our hotel from the airport, and the infrastructure in the country is less than perfect. Tons of motorbikes, no lights, no barriers, nothing. Bare bones. We asked our driver if there are a lot of accidents, and he replies, “Oh yes, there are more people killed on the road every year than in the Bali bombings of 2002! Haha!”. Uh yah. Great stat. Thanks.

We arrived at our hotel about 11 pm. It was quite dark so we couldn’t see much, but we didn’t fail to notice the INTENSE security to get into the resort. We were stopped, searched by a bomb dog, examined with those mirrors on a stick, and questioned. Felt quite safe. NOT!

But it was all done with the friendliest smiles and saluations, so I guess that’s okay. At least they didn’t check our bags. That was likely due to our innocent appearance. Being born white pays off again!