So we finally got around to checking out Sentosa Island. Sentosa has beaches, museums, rides and an aquarium. Everyone here told us it is a must-see experience, so we had to go. It seemed as though every time we made plans to finally get there it would rain. So last weekend we finally we got a sunny Sunday to check it out. There are a few ways to get there, and of course, we chose the most interesting one…a gondola. It is insanely, insanely high up. I was quite scared. Though we did get a great view of the fat European men sunbathing in their thongs. Good times.
We purchased a package that included a 3D movie, aquarium pass, dolphin show and the gondola tickets. First stop was the aquarium, which was pretty cool actually. They have 2 tanks where you can touch the fish, starfish and rays, which were a lot harder and slimier than I had imagined. Then you get on a conveyor belt which takes you into a tube where you are surrounded by sharks, rays, and fish of all kinds. It was pretty interesting. But as soon as we exited the aquarium, instead of being greeted by the hot Singapore sun, this was what the sky looked like:
Pretty ominous eh?

Seemed like a good time to seek some

shelter and enjoy a favourite Singapore
treat: Cup O’ Corn!
Next stop: Dolphin Show. It was neat that they were pink dolphins, but it was altogether kinda lame. Might have had something to do with the fact that we watched it in the pouring rain…

Next Stop: 3D log ride movie. The line ended up being really long, and so to pass the time we got some beers! Obviously! Should have had more than one, because that ride was crap.

Final Stop: Home Jeeves! Altogether Sentosa was a big expensive disappointment. I guess maybe we should have just went to the beach and the WWII bunker. Ah well…another Singapore landmark is crossed off of our list!