So in our attempt to locate the best pizza in Singapore, we came across this:  Canadian 2 for 1.

How could we NOT order from a place with a name like that???  What they don’t tell you is one pizza is 34.00.  Worth every penny.
And it was pretty good actually (though Mike
would say it was too chunky).  I thought it was so far the best pizza Ive had here.
Check it out:

For the first time since our arrival in Singapore we ordered pizza!
Mike and I might be two of the biggest pizza monsters in existence. We know pizza. We love pizza. So it’s really quite amazing that this is the first time we’ve had it since arriving. We ordered from a nearby Pizza Hut. We thought we would get a little slice of home by ordering the same pizza we get from our friendly neighbourhood Pizza Hut. They had combos here. A regular sized pizza, with wings and garlic bread. Oh yah. Feeds 3 people. We were going all out. We should have read the fine print.

THIS is what passes for a REGULAR pizza in Singapore:

And the wings – there were 4.

I can’t tell you the shock and disappointment we felt when the delivery guy pulled this teensy box out of his insulated bag.

It did taste good, I admit. But food enough for 3? Which 3 people? Toddlers?

This is the face of ONE SAD MAN.