I have come to notice simply by watching MTV Asia that Singaporeans have the most questionable taste in music. This does not include any reviews of the current Mandarin or Japanese hits, only the largest English-language hits, (I think we can all agree that I am not equipped to judge the likes of Jay Chou or Prince Michael!) I think you may be surprised at what made MTVs top 10 songs this week:

  • “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” Randy Jackson feat. Paula Abdul
  • “No Air” Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
  • “All Amercian Girl” Carrie Underwood
  • “Like Whoa” Aly & AJ
  • “Outta My Head” Ashlee Simpson
  • “Hands on Me” Vanessa Carleton
  • “Feels like Tonight” Daughtry
  • “Slow me Down” Emmy Rossum (who I believe played Christine in the movie adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera)
  • “Run the Show” Kat Deluna
  • “Touch my Body” Mariah Carey

Its unfortunate that I only got around to writing this list this week…because the songs that were in the top 10 even 2 weeks ago were even worse (like that awful Colby Caillat song…you know “starts in my toes and I wrinkle my nose, and it comes and goes and I already know, and thats a good show and I like snow” song) Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne are also super popular. I am by no means a music snob…but listening to the radio in this country is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. North America is just not quite exporting their best, in my humble opinion.