Mike and I went to the Batu Caves outside of KL, which is a large shrine, at the top of a stairway of 272 steps. We chose the perfect time to go as the city was gearing up to celebrate Thaipusam, which is a Hindu festival of penance and a day to fulfill their vows for prayers answered. The festival didn’t start until the next day, so we had the benefit of seeing all the action without having to deal with the crowds (which are expected to be in the 100s of thousands). Pilgrims carry bowls of milk, fruit and flowers to the shrine. Other devotees shave their heads and cover them in a yellow paste. The most famous part of the celebrations are the massive piercings that some devotees receive…through their cheeks and faces mostly, but many of them also get giant hooks into their bodies, and pull a platform with peacock feathers. It’s a pretty big deal especially this year because it was proclaimed a holiday in KL for the first time. We had an amazing time…there were so many monkeys around the summit, begging for food and causing mischief. I also ate a coconut. Yum!

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Saturday we took the bus to KL, a 5 hour ride from Singapore. We booked a space on a First Class bus, and for a mere $60 CAD we were on our way! The bus was roomy and very comfortable, with lazy boy recliner seats. It also came with a meal, pictured below:

This was rice, with sketchy chicken and bean sprouts, green beans, and tofu. Kind of edible. But not really. Luckily I had packed a tin of Pringles…which I KNEW would come in handy!

The bus also featured a TV, which once crossing the Malaysian border played a movie. Can you guess from the picture below what this movie was? Bearing in mind this is a largely Muslim country, conservative. Bear in mind also that this is the year 2008. Can you guess????

Wait for it…..

WHITE CHICKS. No joke. Bus to Malaysia – White Chicks.

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