Every Saturday, our building is home to a bizarre and wonderful phenomenon. Weekly, from 6:30 until 9 pm, Singaporeans from all over the city state gather here to do 1 thing: line dance.
Its true! We noticed them since our arrival, however never got sneaky enough to take any pictures. But we HAD to…because the sight is just so ridiculous that you wouldn’t believe me unless I had concrete proof.

Last night we got bold enough to take a few shots.

Notice the man in the white shirt and jeans… he seems to be the ringleader. Everyone pays a fee to him to dance every week, which likely goes to paying the DJ and equipment rental. And yes, there IS equipment. And lots of it!

Last night we also saw a couple in matching Stars and Stripes mustang shirts and matching hats, and matching white cowboy boots. Its a good look!