Saturday we took the bus to KL, a 5 hour ride from Singapore. We booked a space on a First Class bus, and for a mere $60 CAD we were on our way! The bus was roomy and very comfortable, with lazy boy recliner seats. It also came with a meal, pictured below:

This was rice, with sketchy chicken and bean sprouts, green beans, and tofu. Kind of edible. But not really. Luckily I had packed a tin of Pringles…which I KNEW would come in handy!

The bus also featured a TV, which once crossing the Malaysian border played a movie. Can you guess from the picture below what this movie was? Bearing in mind this is a largely Muslim country, conservative. Bear in mind also that this is the year 2008. Can you guess????

Wait for it…..

WHITE CHICKS. No joke. Bus to Malaysia – White Chicks.

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