So its been months since I’ve last updated this blog, but I there are a few loose ends I’d just like to tie up before abandoning Kelly & Mike’s Trip.

Firstly,  we have to give props to a local artist we found in Bali and who cut us a deal on a painting.  We wanted to buy something there that we would always have, and remind us of our journey together.  One day while exploring the town center, we stumbled upon a small art gallery on East Monkey Forest Rd (very near the entrance to the Monkey Forest – duh!).  In exchange for the deal we told them we would put them on the Internet….so…here they are!  The artist is named Dodik Sarta and he and his brother paint, while Dodik’s wife sells the work in their shop.  They were lovely people and very excited that we had gotten married just hours before.  So, if you’re ever in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, be sure to patronize this great shop.

Secondly, we really need to thank Sonny in Sapa, Vietnam.  Sonny was the shop owner we purchased our warm hiking clothes from our first day in Sapa (who knew it would be so freaking cold?!)  Sonny loved Canadians, mostly because we were so “awesome”, and because he had a Canadian guy help him make his store sign, so it would have proper grammar.  This guy was truly a generous soul, and could literally procure anything your heart desired.

One evening, we ran into him around town, and he took us to his friend’s house where we drank beers and sang karaoke with their family.  No one but Sonny spoke any English, but it was still one of the most memorable experiences we had the whole trip.  I’m not sure where they got their karaoke set from, but among the songs you could choose from was “O Canada”!  Of course, I had to sing that one!
So if you’re ever in Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam, be sure to visit our man Sonny across from the Cat Cat Hotel.  Tell him we said hello!