So it’s finally safe to post this little tidbit of information: We’re heading to Vegas on Wednesday!
The impetus for this trip is actually to surprise my mom in celebration of her 60th Birthday. Pretty big deal huh?

As of today, my parents have already flown out (which is why its safe to post this blog entry!), and we will be joining her halfway through her trip.

Full disclosure: I’ve never been to Vegas, and to be brutally honest, I’ve never really wanted to go. My preconcieved notions are as follows:

*its too noisy
*its garish and tacky
*I get sad when I see old people blowing their pensions on the one-armed bandit
*its cheesy
*its full of Americans and punks and ne’er-do-well gangsters
*showgirls, showgirls, showgirls! (okay, I’m kinda excited for that!)

Okay – so its all out there in the open! I know SO many people who LOVE Vegas, and think it is the best thing ever. So, we’ll see. I’m keeping an open mind. If nothing else, the weather is supposed to kick some serious ass – 91 degrees! Hooray!

I am just so excited to see my mom’s reaction – lets hope someone’s got a camera!