Only 24 more hours until we head to the airport to depart for Lima!  I’m spending our final day in Canada laying out all the clothing and supplies for our departure tomorrow.  In the end we decided not to purchase our own sleeping bags or liners, and instead just rent them once we begin the trek.  Not only is this cost effective – its also lots less to carry.  Yes, sleeping in a rented sleeping bag sounds gross, but as fellow travelers tell me, the Inca Trail hike is so cold and you wear so many layers, that none of your skin even touches the sleeping bags.  I’m just going to tell myself that anyway.  And really, as long as it keeps the creepy crawlies away – I think I’ll be fine!

I’ve laid out the essentials on the bed:  Thermals, meds, money, quick dry gear, undies, water bottles, and soap.  Oh yeah – and did I mention we both got headlamps?!  Apparently its useful to wear them when you’re hiking in the jungle and on the Inca Trail in the pre-dawn hours.  A saleswoman at MEC even told me, “You need a headlamp because you want to see all the tarantulas in the Amazon, don’t you?”  Clearly, this woman know nothing about me.  In that case, ignorance really is bliss!

I’m feeling almost ready.  Still have to clean the apartment (I hate coming home to a messy place), drop the dog off at a friend’s house, and figure out what other supplies I can cram into my backpack!

Hopefully I’ll have time to update the blog once in awhile on the road – and let you know I’m still alive 🙂