So, I guess I’ve been a bit negligent in mentioning that Mikey and I are getting married! I assume if you read our blog, you probably know us well enough that this is old news. I had wanted to keep this blog to travel and travel-related observations, but I guess since we are getting married in Bali…it counts!
The process of getting our legal documentation together has been less than easy. The completely unhelpful and sometimes flat-out rude Canadian Consulate staff, the language barriers between us and our Indonesian wedding planner, and the geographical issues have made it altogether more difficult that I could imagine. Part of the process has been to supply 8 photographs of us together to send to the Indonesian government. We finally got around doing it today. Here is the result of our efforts! Our first family portrait:

The guy airbrushed it and everything! He made our teeth whiter, skin clearer, my neck thinner… Oh wait…No…Wait…I mean….we naturally look this good!!! I swear!!! But really, it makes me appreciate the magic of modern technology. Wow!