I arrived home from the grocery store to find this on our desk:

Now, I’m pretty sure it was not there before I had left. I’m also positive Mike would never, EVER buy me a stuffed bunny. On a second trip to the grocery store today (long story involving my attempt to cook), I found the answer. Piled on a luggage cart were half a dozen boxes marked “Easter Bunnies”, containing my bunny’s twin brothers and sisters. It would appear that everyone in the building received these bunnies as well. So…at this point Im just trying to understand the decision-making process. Did everyone get bunnies? Just the Westerners? Just the Christians? Cause I’m pretty sure I didn’t tick any “Practicing Christian” box upon my arrival. What must the Muslim and Punjabi residents think of this gift? Its not like we received red envelopes of money at Chinese New Year, or bowls of milk at Thaipusam. I’m not complaining at all, I like my new friend. It just struck me as being really bizarre.