On a rainy Sunday night Mike and I ventured for the first time to our local movie house. One thing to note, all movie theatres are located above shopping malls. Guess that has more to do with the cost of urban property rather than it being a uniquely Singaporean thing. Upon purchasing our tickets (American Gangster – movies here are really behind North American release dates) you are then asked if you prefer aisle or middle. THEY HAVE ASSIGNED SEATING! I chose aisle…just in case the soda got to me before the movie ended.

So, we have our tickets and stroll over to the concession stand (and lets be real here…I only go to the movies for the popcorn and fountain pop) They have nachos, hotdogs, pop and candy, but they also serves MASHED POTATOES. With gravy. Did I mention this was at the movie theatre??? Despite this interesting option, I decide to stick with the popcorn. But its not even that easy! We now have a choice between SALTY popcorn, or SWEET popcorn! How crazy is that?

Mike insists we stick to the salty option, which turned out to be extremely salty. Not to mention SMALL! We got the combo, which included popcorn, pop, and a notebook. A notebook! Maybe that’s why Asian kids are smarter than North American kids? Cause their combo includes learning tools as opposed to junk food? But I digress. Typically, back home Mike and I get the Large popcorn combo with the free refills, where we finish the first bag before the previews end, and quickly refill the bag before the movie starts (please don’t judge!). Here…clearly not an option.

So we get into the theatre and find our seats. And they are the hardest, most upright seats in the world. We are in G14 and G15. And we are the only ones in the theatre! This is because we have showed up 30 mins early, ostensibly to get good seats! (So the assigned seating means that people show up 2 mins before the movie starts, because they don’t have to scramble for their favourite spots) Its strange too because with the assigned seating, people sit in huge clumps, and I hate it because even though there are only 10 people in the theatre, they are sitting right next to you! I hate that! Also crazy: a guy comes in looking for his seat, which he discovers is occupied! Rather than sitting in one of the 100 other empty seats, he actually approaches the couple, asking them to move! People here will never diverge from the rules, its ridiculous.

Another annoying thing, during the movie people are constantly texting and checking their cellphones. When you are sitting in the dark and a blast of light hits you in the corner of you eye its SO ANNOYING.

So, I guess that was a long rant. And I don’t mean to rant. Things are just different here. Im not judging, just taking notice.