I decided to start this little portion of the blog to share some strange and funny articles I come across in the local paper. I wont retype the whole thing, just the “juicy” bits.
So here is Part 1.

New Straits Times – Jan 22
“Why are Sexes Still Mixing at Cashier Counters?”

Irked by shoppers who blatantly ignore the decade-old rule for males and females to pay at separate check-out counters in supermarkets and department stores here, the menteri besar yesterday called for stricter enforcement. (…) Nik Aziz said the ruling on separate counters was necessary to curb social ills among young couples, who, among others, kissed openly. It would also prevent perverts from groping women while queuing up. (…) We want to instill the understanding that men and women cannot rub shoulders. By segregating the shoppers, these problems can be avoided and there will be fewer cases of adultery, pre-marital sex and rape.

Ahh…if curing the world’s social ills were only that easy…