This is my new boyfriend, the octogenarian Singaporean, Philip. (Philip, as in the television and screwdriver – as he explained)
We met Philip in the subway station – he was curious to know where we were from, how we liked Singapore, and when we intended to have babies. Philip claims to stay young by learning languages (he is fluent in 5), and doing yoga and tai chi. He also likes to ballroom dance with his many girlfriends.

He also commented that my shirt was a bit low-cut, and it was making my husband jealous. He then asks if he can hug me. How could I say no?

So here is the first portrait of my new boyfriend.

I should also mention that he asked us to mail him this picture, one copy small, one copy portrait size, and then proceeds to write down his address for us.

Ahhh…another example of the wonderful nature of Singaporeans!

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